September the total income into the parish was £3,588. This included £1,658 that we gave by Gift Direct and also the older system of the weekly envelopes (September 2015: £1,869).  In addition to this, £296 was received from loose collections on Sundays (2015: £415). Surplice fees, (i.e. fees received for weddings and/or funerals) continue to be an essential source of income – £330 for the month, which is not a good place to be, as we really shouldn’t need rely on these fees simply to ‘pay our way’.

We also had our harvest festival this month – and £702.48 will go to Water Aid; a long standing decision by PCC that whatever we collect on Harvest Sunday will go directly to Water Aid.  A number of people who missed the service have asked if they can still donate? – Well the answer to that is a simple, ‘Yes’; just put your donation in an envelope marked ‘Harvest’ or ‘Water Aid’ and we will send it on. (If you’re a tax payer … remember to put your name on the envelope so that we may reclaim 25p in the pound.  A £5 donation would become … £6.25! )

I’ve also been asked about people who did not give on Harvest Sunday – but give a once-a-month donation to the parish.  We’ve thought about that too.  A proportion of all  monthly donations in September is included in the amount we are giving to Water Aid, (for all of you that remember GCSE Maths – we take the monthly donation, divide by 30 and multiply by 7).

Along with the associated Gift Aid, this will allow Water Aid to fund a number of good things. For example, a hand-pump bringing safe clean water to a whole village costs £200, a rainwater harvesting tank to catch and store clean rainwater for use in the dry season costs £340, and £597 could train local people to maintain and fix a village water point, ensuring that it works for the long term.

This is so brilliant, as we are not only helping the third world by providing them with the water that they need today, we are also helping them to provide for themselves in future years!

What a beautiful legacy for the future, so thank you everyone who has help us to raise such a fantastic sum of money to support “Water Aid”.

Peter Rosser