Most, but not all members of the Parish are possibly aware of the, “Virtual Fair Gift Day”; a fund-raising activity which provided important and essential funding for the parish, which actually helps us to meet our financial obligations throughout the year.

Unfortunately, year on year, support decreased considerably and last year donations were down to half of that received in the initial years.  This prompted a re-appraisal of the scheme, which as yet, has not resulted in any new ideas of how we propose we might move forward on this or similar.

At the commencement of the scheme, it was hoped that parishioners would put aside a small sum of money each week and then donate whatever had been ‘put aside’ as a Gift Day offering.

The background to the scheme as reminded over the years is as follows:

“Some years ago, it was our practice to hold a bazaar in the run-up to Christmas and this was organised and run by a small band of ‘volunteers’.  Sadly, because of the busy-ness of life, the bazaar was often poorly attended and it was realised that it was those then who had worked so hard setting up the Bazaar were often the ones who attended and spent on the stalls which they had only just set up.  Such a huge commitment on their part.

With reluctance, it was decided that it would be easier for most people to put a little aside each week throughout the year, perhaps 40p/50p which would then be donated in a lump sum of about £25 to the Parish at the Virtual Fair, or to place their donation into the normal collection plate, suitably enveloped and labelled.

It is course possible for taxpayers, to enable the Parish to regain the tax on donations by the process of Gift Aid; simply write your name/address OR your ‘weekly’ envelope number on your envelope.”

Many people have maintained their commitment to this scheme and have put ‘that small amount of money aside’ and others waiting to hear when they should make their donation.  So if you are amongst those willing to maintain this system of offering, we would be really grateful if you could bring the donation to Church on the First Sunday of Advent, which is the 27th November.  Hopefully, the sums raised may then be banked before the Church annual account closes on 31st December.

It would be lovely to see your continuing support for this Gift Day initiative.

Karen  Robjohn