Last year I wrote in the magazine about how lovely the Mothering Sunday flowers were and what a nice gesture it always is to receive them in Church, from the hands of the children.  This year was no different, receiving such a lovely posy, however it got me thinking about the flowers in Church … generally.

We especially notice the floral displays at the ‘Special Festivals’ during the year, yet don’t always appreciate the hard work that goes into arranging them, ’just so!’ Sunday by Sunday.  Then the thought occurred to me; are these weekly flowers really noticed?  Are they appreciated?

So I would love to take this opportunity to thank all those talented ladies who regularly arrange the flowers throughout the parish, making our beautiful Churches even nicer places to be.

So next time you are in church, find a moment to appreciate the work of the person who has created a lovely piece of artwork in the arrangement of the flowers.

Diane Tyrell