By Peter Rosser

tackle many of the outstanding repair jobs in the parish to ensure that both our churches are in as good a physical condition as we can manage, consequently £12,000  was spent on the fabric of the buildings within the year.  This covers most of the items listed for action in the last buildings review carried out by the Diocese. We were lucky to receive grants of £6,300 towards this cost and we are grateful to Vicar’s Warden Jean O’Keefe for all the hard work done in applying for these grants.

Since the accounts were finalised we have repaired drains in St David’s and we have received grants of £3,000 which will allow us to replace the fascia boards in St Timothy’s. We are now almost in a position to redecorate the long outstanding task of decorating the interior of St David’s.

Unfortunately the grants we secured did not cover the full costs of the building works, so we supported the work from other sources, mainly rental income from St Tim’s and from the normal income of weekly offerings.

Rental income over the years, has risen from £3,600 in 2015 to £6,645 in 2016, such and increase mainly due to the regular use of St Timothy’s by our Pentecostal friends, ‘Forward In Faith’.

We gave £30,821 to the parish in 2016 – from Gift Direct, weekly envelopes and loose collections. This is unfortunately down by 4.33% on what we gave in 2015.

From this we also had to pay the utility costs for both churches (£8,329). Energy costs are down by £900 compared to 2015 as we continue to benefit from being part of a Diocesan-wide energy–buying group.

A big thank you to all of you who have organised fund-raising activities. These raised £3,091 in 2016 (2015: £3,301) including £800 from the virtual fair, £750 from Pauline’s Strawberry Tea and £788 from Wednesday coffee mornings at St David’s.

As well as covering our costs in the year we were also able to support a wide range of charities (details of which will be published by Karen in the monthly magazine, in due course). It is so nice to be able to say that although we are often in receipt of gifts to our parish, we in turn gave £1,840 to various charities over the year (2015 £1,856). This is about 6% of the total money we gave to the parish in the year.

In looking forward to 2017, (can it really be May already), we can conclude that we most certainly will continue to face financial challenges but I am sure that we will overcome these, if we continue to work together as a parish.


Parish Accounts – Financial Highlights
Major sources of income: 2016 2015
What we gave by envelopes, Gift Direct and Sunday collections £ 27,124 £28,980
Fees for weddings and funerals £ 10,045 £ 9,530
Rent received £6,645 £ 3,615
Collections at weddings etc £ 3,697 £ 3,235
Fund-raising events £ 3,091 £3,301
Grants received £ 6,800 £nil
What we spent money on:
Share commitment to Diocese £ 34,041 £33,465
Keeping our buildings safe and warm £ 9,500 £ 11,350
Major repairs £ 12,235 £nil
What we gave to support others:
Donations to charity £ 1,840 £1,856


The Briefest of Summaries: 

The basic running costs of our churches over the year 2016 was £53,000.

This is the cost of keeping our buildings warm, our share commitment, altar supplies etc .

It doesn’t include major repairs or money we spend on nice things like flowers