What is the ‘Share’ that is paid out each month?

How much money does the parish get from the Diocese?

Does the government pay the vicar’s salary?

Who pays to repair our church buildings?


It is quite important that we in the parish should be aware of how funding for our Parish works; it can be a tricky area to discuss, however everyone really should have some awareness.

Do you realise that the ‘Church Authority’ (The Church in Wales … The Diocese…  or any other organisation) doesn’t provide funds for us to do the work of the church; the work of our Faith?  It is in fact quite the opposite! We, the Parish, are required to pay each and every month, £2,836.75 to the Church in Wales, and this is known as paying our ‘Share’. This payment goes towards the overall cost of the salaries and pensions of the clergy throughout the CinW and also contributes towards the costs of administration in the CinW.

Our Share must be provided from the income that we ’earn’, that is from our weekly donations (collections), surplice fees (payments received when the vicar officiates at weddings and funerals), legacies, other donations and fund raising activities.

Of course we are also responsible for our own gas, electricity and water bills and are also charged with the care and maintenance of the ‘fabric’ and structure of our parish buildings.

This is a major commitment, undertaken not simply to keep our church in good order, but as a physical and outward expression of our love for God.  By doing all these things, we are witnessing our faith to all those in society around us and importantly, ensuring that we are able to pass on to our children, and our children’s children, a strong, vibrant and living faith. On the page following, Peter Rosser gives a breakdown of our finances for 2016.