It’s been quite a busy time for the parish bank account this month.

We paid out £6,620 for the replacement fascia boards at St Timothy’s – although most of this is covered by grants that we have received.

We also paid out £85 for portable appliance testing in both churches (that is testing that kettles, heaters and other electrical items are safe). This is another annual expense we are obliged to meet.

The parish has all the same expenses that we have for our homes – gas, water, insurance and so on – but there are lots of extra costs simply because we are ‘public buildings’.

The good news for the month is that the Strawberry Tea this year has brought in  £813 – so a big thank you to Pauline for arranging this, and of course thanks to the team of helpers who ensured that we had a fabulous afternoon.

Then of course, we say thank you to all those from the parish, and our friends from sister parishes, who by their presence helped the event to be such a success.

Last month, as a parish we gave £1,777 by Gift Direct, envelopes and stewardship (In June 2016 we gave £1,691.  We also gave £393 by Sunday loose collections (June 2016: £341).

Wedding and funeral fees brought in £845 and collections at  weddings, baptisms and funerals raised £105

You may have heard (or seen elsewhere in this magazine) that the redecoration of St David’s is planned for October – which allows us to get this year’s weddings out of the way before we put scaffolding up.

Thanks to donations and fund raising events in the last two years– we have  about £7,000 put aside for the task– but will need an estimated further £5,000. (This will allow for necessary re-plastering and minor repairs to brickwork as necessary.)

Any suggestions  for fund raising are very welcome.

Happy Summer.                                                                                                            Peter Rosser