Weren’t we blessed once again with the weather this year … on balance, I think that we are often lucky with our Annual Strawberry Teas.  I know that it is held in June … but lets face it, we do need to contend with the ‘British summer’ and be prepared for anything

This year the weather was sunny and warm, with the gentlest of breezes and that’s something that we don’t take for granted. Yes it was lovely.

Tea was of course strawberries, however before these, there was a delicious array of sandwiches, quiche, sausage rolls, fresh meats, salads and, … well the list goes on.

Then strawberries with an array of cream and followed by the most indulgent of cakes; small large and in-between, the variety of which was amazing and of course delicious, (perhaps too much so!).

Throughout the afternoon, tea and coffee was a constant and to follow that, by choice, a refreshing glass of Pimms.

The amount of work for that one afternoon is quite phenomenal, the planning and preparation, baking and making, prepping and setting things up.  Such a huge task.

Then in addition to all this, the afternoon itself needed to flow, ‘guests’ seated, table service under way and such a commitment to ensuring that everyone had the best of experiences.

Pauline Boughton and her team once again did us proud.  Providing such a lovely afternoon and raised the grand total of £813 for Parish funds.  Truly amazing.

So I think I speak on behalf of all those who shared Pauline’s garden on the 17th June, “Thank you so very much to you all.  You could not have done more than what you did to give each and every one of us a truly wonderful time.  You were brilliant!”

Karen Robjohn