Hall For Hire

St Timothy's ready for the Curry Night

St Timothy’s ready for the Curry Night


St. Timothy’s Church Hall is regularly used by the local community for a variety of events and is available for hire. If you’re interested in hiring the venue for a one off or regular event please email rob@caerauwithely.org for availability.

We’re very sorry but we can’t accept cheques.

Hire Out Rates for Regular Users and Church Members

Per Hour   – £15

Half Day   – £40

Full Day    – £60

Deposit    – N/A

Hire Out Rates for Occasional Users and Non Church Members

Per Hour   – £20

Half Day   – £50

Full Day    – £75

Deposit     – £20


The church have a variety of camping and outdoor equipment that is available for hire to church and community groups. We have:

  • 3 No. Eight Man Kalahari Tents;
  • 1 No. Fixed Metal Frame Kitchen Tent;
  • 7 No. Three Season Sleeping Bags;
  • 1 No. Gas Stove with Hobs and Grill;
  • Camping Plates, Bowls and Mugs;
  • Pots, Pans, Trays and Utensils.

Please email Rob (websiteeditor@caerauwithely.org) for further details and costs.


Example of Kalahari Tent

Example of Kalahari Tent



The Parish have the right to refuse hire at any point. A cash deposit will be required on the items. A written reference maybe required if you are unknown to us to ensure your suitability. Upon hire you are agreeing to pay fully for any losses or damages inflicted on the items. ACE timebanking credits are an accepted form of payment.