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Messy Church is a new, different, exciting and family friendly way of doing church. It does not replace or change anything we are doing already but is an attempt to better engage with the young families on the fringes of our Parish.

It happens the first Sunday of the month during term times at 4pm at St Tims and seeks to encourage families with young children from the local community to come together and explore God and faith through activities, celebration and the sharing of food.

It is not Pathways revamped, nor is it a replacement for Sunday School. It is our vision for growing the church and encouraging those on the fringes to feel welcome, included and part of the larger body. It is families coming together to have fun, celebrate and grow within a loving Christian environment.

Each event or service starts with a time of crafts and activities followed by a celebration and finishing with everyone coming together to share a simple meal. There is nothing complicated, simple activities containing simple messages of love and grace that are accessible and inclusive for all.

And why is it called Messy Church? Maybe it’s because that’s it’s a church for all of us who come to God with our messy and broken lives wanting healing and forgiveness. Or maybe it’s because with all the crafts and activities you’re likely to get pretty messy when you’re there. Or quite possibly, it’s a little bit of both.

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