Roots is a youth group run by volunteers from St Tim’s and St Davids church. It’s designed to run in smaller groups: think less ‘crazy running around,’ and more ‘chill-out, chat, watch films, eat cake, discuss, debate, go places, pray, make pizza, play games, be arty etc etc’. It’s a place to talk about God, Life and Stuff. Each term we have an overall theme and we look at different things each week. This term it’ll be based on the ‘youth alpha’ course: meaning each week we’ll explore a different topic, such as who is Jesus, what is prayer etc, and how this relates to us.  As we said: God, Life and Stuff.

Who’s it for?                Anyone aged 11-16

When is it?                  Thursday eve’s @ 7:30-9pm

Where is it?                 St Timothy’s Church

What’s the cost? We have a donation pot that we bring out each week. It would be great if you can put some money in it but if you can’t don’t worry. 50p is about right.

Who do I contact about it?  If you have any questions, want to ask about a lift, or want to ask anything else about Roots then please ring us:

Rob – 07792081776

Or you can come along just before it starts on Thursday and chat to one of the team then.

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