The Church is committed to supporting all the schools in the Parish, and the clergy visit every primary, junior and high school at least twice each half term. In addition, the clergy are actively involved at the Bishop of Llandaff High School.

In addition to the schools in the locality there are two Church in Wales primary school, Llandaff City and St. Fagan’s, as well as the Bishop of Llandaff High School. For further information on these Church in Wales schools please click on the links below:

  • The Bishop of Llandaff is the main Church in Wales High School for the western side of Cardiff and the Vale


Church Schools Voluntary Register

At the back of both churches is a voluntary register for you to sign if you would like to send your child to any of our church schools. You are strongly recommended to sign every time you attend church as it will help with the allocation process for school places.

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